Servier Azerbaijan


Servier Azerbaijan

 Pharmaceutical Group SERVIER is:
 - Leading French independent pharmaceutical company established in 1954 
 - Reference products for diseases of major importance 
 - 20 000 employees worldwide, including 2600 in Research and Development 
 - Established in 140 countries 
   Our business - the discovery of innovative drugs and their development for use by the worldwide healthcare community - is a long-term undertaking marked by challenges that are scientific, human, industrial, and financial. 
To meet these challenges, all our activities are informed by three fundamental objectives: 
o First of all, to satisfy doctors who prescribe our products and patients who benefit from them; 
o Secondly, and this too is a fundamental objective, to participate in the advances made by research because we are a research organization as much as an industry; 
o Our third goal, one that is vital but frequently forgotten in today’s world, is to encourage the professional fulfillment of each person within, and through, the company. Not only is it a guarantee of success, it is a goal in itself. 

Why to join SERVIER? 
Because we know that a successful company is one that maximizes the potential of the individuals working within it, we pay particular attention to the integration and personal development of all our staff. 
As we grow, we make regular adjustments to our organization and the responsibilities of individual staff members. These adjustments only work on the basis of active cohesion and a team spirit marked by the sharing of common values, such as respect for others, a willingness to put in the requisite effort, and the desire to move projects and people forwards. 
We view the relationship between staff members and the company as a partnership based on a firm contract of mutual confidence, involvement, and commitment. Even at the recruitment stage we invest heavily in this relationship by organizing meetings between candidates and their potential colleagues in the company. These initial contacts allow mutual professional evaluation and help us to gauge candidates' skills, their ability to integrate, and their potential for growth within the company environment. 
With successful candidates the investment is then extended by a customized integration program over several weeks in which the new recruits are introduced to the company's culture, organization, procedures, and practices, and are given ample opportunity to meet and interact with their future colleagues. The principles governing every staff member's stay in the company are progress, both personal and corporate, and the acquisition of new knowledge. These are embodied in an intensive staff training program, and the priority given to internal mobility and promotion. 
Motivation and loyalty are also rewarded by an attractive and customized compensation policy. In the Servier corporate ethic, no one is unimportant: with each member of staff, the company's concern is to ensure an environment that maximizes individual potential.

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